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why consign with global motorworks exchange provides professional level marketing, personalized attention to sales and premium privilages to sellers of Classic, Collector, Race, Luxury, Rare or Unique vehicles. Our "Catalyst Managment" System is a proven vehicle for ensuring maximum return for your collector car investment. Our Marekting Team uses the power of the internet propel a global exposure for your individual vehicle or collection. There is no longer a need for California Sellers to waste time at dealerships or to be misrepresented by 60 seconds on an auction block. Keep your cars safely in your possession, employ a the world wide web and the team at Global Motorworks Exchange. Our team can assist new buyers who seek financing to complete a sale. The platform provides for lost-cost consignment. The best part about working with Global Motorworks Exchange for is No Commissions are paid by the seller. Contact a CCO Agent to find out more today.

keep your car at home

,Our team comes to meet with you on-locaton to capture photo and video shoots for professional editing. The vehicle stays in your possession throughout the marketing process. Upon sale, we provide you with a check from Global Motorworks Exchange and arrange Global delivery.

always selling

Utilizing 200-300 marketing platforms and a licensed sales team give you the opportunity to focus on other matters. Working with Global Motorworks Exchange puts more people with passion, working to sell your collector vehicle or collection.

worldwide exposure

It does not take a million buyers. It just takes one. Utilitizing 200-300 platforms gives you the advantage when searching for that one buyer. After we find them and secure the transaction, we assist with shipping.

no sellers commission

Global Motorworks Exchange uses up-to-date data and works with sellers to help determine a proper market value for your vehicle. Once the seller agrees on a Net-to-Owner price, we go to work. Contact a CCO agent to find out more.

no wasted time at auction

Builders, Private Sellers and Estates agree, it is nearly impossible to tell a vehicles history in just minutes on an auction block. Giving the right buyers information and time to connect is vital to securing best return-on-investment. We wont mention the wasted money in fees, transport, liablity and personnel.

assist buyers with financing

Many buyers trade in cash or send a secure bank secured transaction. Our platform is uninque in providing a secure transaction while also accepting financing for your consignment. Sellers get a check from Global Motorworks Exchange. Buyers get their dream vehicle.

low cost consignment

Taking a loss or working with dealerships, going to auction or doing a private sale can be costly and time consuming. Putting your car on one top website can cost $200-$500. Our "Catalyst Marketing" Process cost justt $395 for 90 days to put your vehicle on 200-300 popular websites.

a sales force

The team at Global Motorworks Exchange for is enthusiastic, licenced and professional. Buyers are guided by a real person that you've hired to manage the sales and marketing process. The sales team is there to educate the buyer about your consignment.

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