Global Motorworks Exchange, LLC dba drives sales with professional marketing that takes the car from your garage, barn or hangar to the screen of a potential buyer.

Consignment Vehicles are featured on 200-300 Websites. That means when buyers are looking, they see your car on global websites.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate way for owners to sell in a private transaction. Providing private consignment to California's sellers and bringing great cars to a worldwide audience.

Personal Sales Force

California State Licensed Sales team to interact with buyers, answer questions and close the deal.

Always Selling Season

Instead of spending thousands on transport or auction fees, consign your vehicles to stay in control.

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Professional Marketingfor Private Sellers!

Our team assist with everything from clean-up, photography, videography, online marketing, sales calls, contracts, financing (if neccessary) and global shipping.

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 5 Step Consignment Process  

Fill out the Consignment Agreement

The Consignment Agreement Form gives us the foundation of information about your vehicle. With your contact information, we will contact you to begin the process.

We come take 50+ Photos & Pro Video

Broker Appointments with the Team can be made throughout the state of California. Our team will take HD Video and 50+ photos of your vehicle for professional marketing.

Advertising on 260+ Global Websites

Once the Consignment Agreement is complete, the marketing team at Global Motorworks Exchange, LLC dba goes to work advertising your car in the places where buyers are looking. We put your car on 260+ websites to attract the right buyer.

Dedicated Sales Team for Results

Our dedicated team of California licensed Sales Professionals answer inquires about your vehicle and works hard to achieve your agreed price. You get continuous updates and a call when it's time to complete the sales & shipping transaction.

Get a Secure Payment from

All Payments are received, verified then disbursed by the team at Global Motorworks Exhange, LLC dba Buyers have enhanced buying options and sellers get a check from our company.